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[Computer and Phone] How to block profile pictures on Spacehey!

Updated: fixed "Add filter" setting being greyed out for some people!

People clearly need this right now and I have discovered it to be pretty easy!

On PC (Requires uBlock Origin/Adnauseam)

The only major browser this doesn't work on is Safari, if you wish to browse SpaceHey without profile pictures, please try a different browser, sorry!

Step 1: if you do not have a compatible adblocker (uBlock origin or Adnauseam) then install one! uBlock Origin works better if you are on Chrome/Opera/Edge.
Step 2: Find your extension at the top right of your browser, click it, and open settings.
Step 3: Locate "My filters"
Step 4: Paste in the following:


Your window should look like this.

Once you click "Apply changes" you should be all set and all the profile pictures will disappear.

On Phone (Requires Firefox)

I am doing this on Android, please let me know how this goes for you if you have iPhone.

Step 1: If you use a different browser you will probably need to switch to Firefox.
Step 2: Open the menu and tap "Add-ons"
Step 3: Install "uBlock Origin" if you haven't already. It should be one of the top options. Once it's installed, tap on it.
Step 4: Tap "Settings"
Step 5: Scroll to the right and find the "My filters" tab
Step 6: Paste the following into the box and tap the tick:


Once your screen looks like this you shouldn't see profile pictures anymore!

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🌈★profile broken★🌈

🌈★profile broken★🌈's profile picture

Sorry to ask, does uBlock origin work with Safari? Just asking before I install

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I recall having trouble with it on safari in the past, but I don't have a Mac to test it on now, sorry!

by eve; ; Report

Update- sorry! it doesn't work on safari which is a shame :/

by eve; ; Report

silly / arcade

silly / arcade's profile picture

hey! for some reason i cant get this to work (pc, using ublock origin) idk for whatever reason when i paste the thing in the create button is greyed out ):

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That's really strange. Adding it from the extention page should work

by eve; ; Report

oh yeah that worked!! thanks :D no clue why it didn't work from the block element thing then-

by silly / arcade; ; Report

LadyCat 🌺

LadyCat 🌺's profile picture

Thank You for this may i share this too? with credits

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Please do! i just want everyone safe. you can copy and paste the text or link the blog, idm

by eve; ; Report