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My fav music by some of the bands! ^_^

I honestly got bored, so I decided to share some of my favorite music by some of the band that I listen to the most!

Iwrestledabearonce: Taste like Kevin Bacon/You ain't no family/Cat's pajamas/Danger in the Manger/You Know That Aint Them Dogs' Real Voice/ Deodorant Cant Fix Ugly/See you in Shell

Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend/My Happy Ending/Complicated/Smile/Here's to never growing up/Sk8er Boi, I can do better

All Time Low: Lost in Stereo/Weightless/Therapy/Dear Maria count me in/Time Bomb/Kids in the Dark

Paramore: Misery Business/ Ain't it Fun/Decode/Brick by Boring Brick/Emergency/Decode/All I wanted/That's What You Get

Forever The Sickest Kids: She's A Lady/What Do You Want From Me/Whoa Oh!/She Likes/Nikki

Scary Kids Scaring Kids: Degenerates/The Deep End/Faces/Holding On/Free Again

Mindless Self Indulgnce: Witness, Shut me up

Attack Attack: Stick Stickly/Bro, Ashley's here/Party foul/What Happens If I Can't Check My Myspace When We Get There

Millionaries: The weekend/Take you shirt off/Prom Dress/I like money/Party like a millionarie/K Thx Bye/Stay the night/I move it

Breathe Carolina: I.D.G.A.F, Hit and run, Dressing room

Cash Cash: There's a party in your bedroom, I like it loud, We don't sleep at night

Medic Droid: Fer sure, The killer anna, Keeping up with the joneses

Brokencyde: Get Crunk/ Scene Girlz/Yellow Bus/Skeet Skeet/Shake!

S3RL: Pretty Rave Girl/MTC/Cherry pop/Kandi Raver/Pika Girl/Neko Nation, I will pick you up 

Disko Warp: Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire/Deadbeat Boyfriend/Werewolf Boyfriend

I listen to other songs that I listed on my page, but this list here are just the bands that I usually listen to the MOST :)

You can also recommend me any songs that I should try out!

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