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My Life + Likes

I am 13 years old and I was born in Ohio in April 19th 2010. I was on the news before I was just a few months old! Uhm I moved to Texas at the age of 2 and that's all I know from my childhood at that age. I have 2 siblings! A older sister and brother!! I love to travel and I've been to the following states; Texas, Ohio, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee!! I love amusement parks ive been to 4 in my whole life, they we're; Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Kings Island, SeaWorld San Antonio and Busch Gardens Tampa! They're all so fun and I wish to go again sometime!! Anyways thats enough about my life and likes time for...

My sexuality and pronouns

Vixen is TRANS, BISEXUAL, HYPERSEXUAL & CUPIOSEXUAL!!! Weird right? Being hypersexual and cupiosexual? Well, it's weird to live with. But I manage!! My pronouns are He / Him! I'm fine with any but He / Him is best for me! 


My friends on this website are; Juna, Cherry, Raven, Simon / Gaz, Suki Phillip!!
My irl friends are; Cali, Seth, Mj, Mikayla, Brooklyn, Maddy, Savannah, Serenity, Olivia and Carson!!
Online friends; Kat, Alice, Vincent, Sunny


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Dang 2010?

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tf u mean dang

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Live Laugh Slay

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i like squirtis

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as well ‼️‼️🙏🙏

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