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2 blog entries today! Yay!

Yes, my step mom yelled at me to put the pop in the fridge while I was on the computer... child labor I swear! And yeah, the whole party thing and people not showing up even though they said they would... still follows me to this day! I do so much to make people feel special on their day and no one cares about my day! #StillSalty

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Apr. 19th, 2003 04:22 pm my day

Well only Jessica is coming to my party, but thats ok i'm sure they have reasonable explanations lol. I don't think sadira and meredith do bbut thats ok.. and then Jami and her friends. I'll try to have fun but I hate it. Every party I've ever thrown no one came except for like 1-5 people. Lets see my sweet 16 birthday party I invited like 67 people just my friends right. Everyone was from church or school or my neighbors. And guess what only 10 people came for me. My brother who we shared the party with invited 45 friends and 40 came. Isn't that a bitch.

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Apr. 19th, 2003 06:41 pm I feel much better!

sorry bout that last journal I was just upset that very little people were gonna show up to my party, but I feel better now. I don't hate ne one although I still feel the same about the friends stuff. I just ate my third popsicle lol. I had a orange one a red one and a green one. Me and Missy made a bet that we will do in the summer. We are going to see if see can eat 1000 popsicles. Do you think she can do it? Then we are going to have a contest to see how many popsicles we can eat in 10 minutes. Anyone can join. If you wanna be in the contest then comment on it and let me know. lol maybe there will even be a money prize lol. well I got to put the pop in the fridge so Asta!

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