in my unemployed era

well! i am now unemployed. i quit my stupid fucking job because my boss responded to my simple, honest mistake with a "performance review" that was basically a list of things she thinks i do wrong and which stated that i will be fired if i don't "improve" within a month. nevermind that we had already talked about those things (in varying degrees of unfairness on her part) and i had corrected them, but she just did not care. 

it's kind of insane. she went and got out her gallery-branded fancy paper, typed this "performance review" up in a single night after i did the responsible thing and informed her of the mistake even though i didn't NEED TO, and then handed it to me full of typos. she spelled my name wrong in the title--it said "Performance Review of Red [lastname]" instead of "Ren." but she had clearly read the document again because she'd taken a pen and hand-corrected a bunch of other asinine typos and even wrote in one more criticism of me on the last page! 

half of the things she wrote didn't even make any fucking sense, by the way. she wrote that i "squirreled away" important information on sticky notes behind my computer, which is absurd, because i throw away all of my sticky notes the moment they stop being useful/relevant. which means that i fucking deal with whatever is on them as soon as i can. she acted as if i wrote down the names of customers who wanted to buy something and then just never followed up? which NEVER happened! i have no idea what she was referring to! half the shit on this 3-page-long document was like that, or it was her referencing past events that had already been dealt with and improved upon, or so i thought. it was the most insulting thing i have ever experienced. 

and yet she was like, legitimately shocked that i was quitting. she responded to my relatively minor mistake--a mistake that i told her about immediately, apologized for, and explained how i was going to keep myself from making again--with a performance review not threatening, but promising termination within a month if i didn't meet her arbitrary and unrealistic expectations. (unrealistic because no matter what i do, she will assume i haven't met them.) what self-respecting person wouldn't experience that in combination with all the other shit i've put up with from her and go "yeah okay, so sorry, feel free to surveil me for the next month and then make me beg to keep my job at the end"? it's absurd. she kept acting like the "performance review" was meant as nothing more than an appeal for communication, or at most an expression of the standards she expects, and not a document explicitly promising i would be fired. of course i quit. i fucking hate her. 

still waiting on information about my final paycheck, which probably won't be more than a few hundred dollars, but anything is good at this point. i can survive for around 4 months without help where i am now with savings and such, which is (hopefully) enough time to get a different job. i'll be a lot happier without my previous job fucking with my life, though. a little sad i'll not be able to add it as a reference. hopefully potential future jobs won't call my old boss and ask about me anyway? i don't know the protocol. i've never left a job on such bad terms before. 

my coworkers were quite sympathetic, but i don't know if that sympathy extends to being a reference for me in future job prospects. i haven't yet got up the courage to ask, but i really should. if they say no, then what's two more burned bridges? i started off with no references and got that job, so i can do it again. i hope. ughhh. 

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Honestly if it weren't for the fact that she corrected it with handwriting, I would've done an English teacher style breakdown of her "performance review", pointed out all the typos, and then handed it back to her with the promise of quitting if she didn't improve on her Grammer and spelling lol

Good luck! sorry your boss is such godzilla level Bitch!

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i considered doing that for a WHILE because she handed me this document and then left for a 2-hour meeting lmaooo in the end i just decided to be super angry irl instead of on paper, which was pretty satisfying.

thank you!! glad to not be in her domain anymore 🫡

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