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just got home a couple mins ago, today was fun! I went out with a friend then i went home for a couple hours but since one of my dad's friends invited us to eat boiled corn at their place + his daughter is my friend and she had invited one of our common friends, that was also fun.

now I'm home writing this, AC wont turn on and it's brutally hot, lord save us all! 

anyhow, byebye!!

edit : i forgot to mention that today i went to my solfeggio class that I haven't attended for about a month cuz i totally forgot abt it, they had added me to the adults/advanced class and i only knew one person cuz they're in my grade so i had to introduce myself which was terrifying but i got through it without laughing or breaking down so I'm all fine.


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wish it was hot where i live
its been raining non stop nd so many thunderstorms all the time ugh

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i absolutely adore weather like that, wish we could switch places

by 4milesaway; ; Report

yeah i usually do too, but 5000 thunderstorms in my small part of the country is js too much

by Sophie; ; Report

i understand, (i would add a skull emoji but i'm using my pc so idk how).

by 4milesaway; ; Report