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6 more days of work!

Today was pretty good! I got to listen to 3 musicals besides Starlight Express today. And I also Listened to the whole Starlight Express soundtrack like 2 or 3 times lmao. I listened to Urinetown, A New Brain, and Godspell.

Today the anxiety wasn't so bad even though its approaching the times I'm being anxious about. (Tomorrow and this weekend.)

Tomorrow I am planning to come out to my transphobic parents. And this weekend we have to put our dog down. I'm goin through a hard time I won't lie! So I'm glad when work actually goes well instead of adding stress lmao. I also got to leave Like an hour earlier than I was supposed to?? Which is cool tbh.

And there wasn't even that much freight for my aisle tbh which was awesome.

Tomorrow might be the most stress I will feel with a shift, knowing that when I get off I'm going to email the coming out letter to my dad. I won't get into all the details of why it stresses me out so bad. I know they aren't going to be accepting of it but its just as a formality of sorts? Just as a heads up. Its sorta unrelated to work but I've been thinking about this a lot at work.

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