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Trying To Get Into EBM

Hello all! I am a DJ that is looking to expand my musical tastes. One genre that I've been told that I should look into EBM but I'm not too sure on where to start with it all. All of my experience has been with EDM (mainly rave music and drum n' bass) not really anything that is too close to EBM from what I've been told. If anyone could help me out on this one that'd be swick. 

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KMFDM is a pretty good EBM/Industrial group. I'd recommend their album symbols.

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An extensive EBM genre is industrial, I’d really recommend to listen to it. You can try out other subgenres too!

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any songs that you'd recommend for me to check out?

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I need to think about that, I’ll respond to you later!

by Moonie; ; Report

sounds good!

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Suicide Commando is an EBM/electro-industrial band, you can check that out. You can also listen to Decoded Feedback, more aggrotech. When you listen to music on YouTube, they will recommend you more songs and you can discover more bands/artists. I think this also works for some other music streaming services. Another advice is to check out playlists on streaming services with music from the genre. But there are also some playlists out there with music that doesn’t belong to the genre, but trust me, when you get into it you’re probably gonna recognise the sound.

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i will check them out, thanks!

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