Why I love Symphonic Metal

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  How is everyone doing?  Things here are crazy and a little stressful.  Being Monday, it is now time for me to have to deal with all of the legal issues of having been in a fatal accident. Being Monday, people are just getting back into the office and just hearing about the accident also.  What a crazy day it is. I guess I should be thankful that I at least had a day to relax and recover before having to deal with the legal mess that comes with these accidents. Bad thing is, I know there are a lot more problems to come.  Another things I need to do is to look for another truck and to set up transportation to get the truck. 
I wanted to talk about my love for Symphonic Metal and how I discovered the Genre.  I heard my first Symphonic Metal song a couple of years ago on iheart Radio. I like a wide variety of music and iheart radio plays songs based on the type of songs you thumb up. So, I had heavy metal, pop, rock, and Christian music on my playlist.  Suddenly, groups like Within Temptation and We Are The Fallen started popping up.  I heard the music and was blown away and thumbed up the songs. I was then hearing Tarja and Nightwish.  Totally amazing. I did a search on the bands and that started my addiction to Symphonic Metal.  The thing that I love the most is the contrast in the music. You have the guitars and drums that give the sound of heavy metal and you have the symphonic instruments that gives the music a softer sound.  And then you include the sweet sound of a female voice and  it is over. Some bands take it a step further and have both a female and male singer which really adds to the contrast. 

If you have never heard of symphonic metal, I highly suggest that you do. I have one of my favorite bands playing on my profile and you can also find the artists I have listed in this blog on youtube, iheart, itunes, and soundcloud. 

You all have a great day.
-Oklahoma Tomcat
"Life is fragile, handle with care"

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