Ethan’s DNI List

To explain this, this will be my list of people who I will not associate with. Please respect my boundaries. If you happen to be one of these people then it will be an immediate unfriend, and in more severe cases, a block and report.Β 

The list below will contain all of the people who I choose to be in my DNI list. Please remain respectful. Thank you.

  • Proshipper.
  • L*licon/sh*tacon/p3do.
  • Homophobic/transphobic.
  • Into Beastiality/zo0philia.
  • Misogynist.
  • Racist/xenophobic.
  • Ableist.
  • Andrew Didn’t Ate Defender.
  • Against systems.
  • Against mental health medications.Β 
  • People who say mental illness isn’t real.
  • Anyone who forces their beliefs onto other people.
  • Toxic DSMP stans.
  • DICE Cult fans.Β 
  • Toxic MHA/BNHA stans.
  • Columbiners.
  • Alyssa Bustamante fans.
  • People who normalize toxic behaviors such as bullying or making fun of others.
  • People who use free speech as hate speech.

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    Okay gotcha it’s the same as my Dni list but different

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