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Reality has punched me in the face, I am no longer ignorant to the consequences of my bodily negligence, as per a routine checkup, I needed to verbally address my creaking joints, deteriorating wrists and the pounds I’ve racked up over the past months. Summer had not been as kind this time around. The nausea I carry from my already paranoid checking and obsessing does not help. 

Now I’ve been walking in the morning. 30 minutes at most and I start my walks before the populous has gotten their morning fix. It’s the least I can do to drag my consciousness out of the self-loathing pattern of surviving that's rotted my day-to-day and with my circadian rhythm allowing me to wake at the earliest of hours I have a stronger will to seize the morning sun while the body is still numb to reality. 

I’ve found that the mornings are quite ethereal - in a way - witnessing the low tide of fog blanket surrounding vast marshland and the growing chatter from all avian life fluttering this way and that while the sky shifts to a warm blue and the moon invites itself to appear alongside the rising dawn to create such a contrast, both horizons share their own beauty. The cool air and the hushed atmosphere of an untouched day - in a field, I had finally felt at one with myself, alone and undisturbed. Never had I felt more in my own body being a living breathing thing all on its own wandering between the shrubs and low-hanging branches, collecting the dew on its skin as it leaps and bounds into eternity. 

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