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DNI (+ pls interact)


if ur under 18 or over 30 i don't want to talk to you

nazis   racists   facists    pedophiles    r@pists   republicans  transphobes   homophobes  terfs  bigots  ableists  xenophobes  ppl who think its okay to cheat   ppl who make fun of special interests   hicks  ppl who romanticize mental illness  ppl like ollie london  capitalists  antisemites  anti vaxxers  trump supporters  gun owners/gun rights activists   covid deniers/ppl who call it the "scamdemic"  preists  if u have problems with piercings or tattoos  andr*w taint enjoyers sigma male alpha bros alt right pos'

 ohio defenders(joke)


same music taste  neurodivergent  alt subcultures emo/scene/goth/punk/grunge   ppl who like 7xvn  open minded ppl  (ill keep adding as i think its just rlly late rn)

this is a safe space hate will not be tolerated

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