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HIIII!! :D My name is Destiny (Or Destiny Mae if you RLLY wanna go in depth hehe). I’m 17 years old n all that biz, i’m in junior year too! My pronouns are she/he and i am AMAB bigender and present (fashionwise) as hyperfem. :3 Born and raised in the us and i can speak a pathetic amount of spanish thanks to dolorosa/rosemaria.

I’m interested in things like homestuck, Y2K/mcbling/trashy fashion, kandi culture, social justice, rave culture, and marine biology. :D

The main reason i chose to make a condese roleplay account is just because she’s such a fun villain.. and since she’s based off of black stereotypes, thought that would be absolutely perfect (since im Black as well!)

I’m really enjoying my time on this account/spacehey in general, so i am having a great fuckin time on here hehehe.

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