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Bandori Favorites: Popipa

I've been wanting to talk about bandori on here but haven't yet, so here's my first bandori post! I'm going to be showing off my favorite cards. Lets goooo~

 *Kasumi Toyama* ~ Reaching For Brilliance

This card is so pretty and so perfectly Kasumi! It was my phone wallpaper for a good while. I love the way it uses light to make the even more magical looking.

*Tae Hanazono* ~ Charging Power In Progress

So hard to pick one for my favorite girl. I love love love Tae. I might do a whole blog post about it. Anyway about the card, I love how detailed the trained version is. It's so intricate! And her face and pose in the untrained is so cute and fits her character and personality perfectly. Also it's for the year of the rabbit New Years set! The year of O-Tae! T^T

*Rimi Ushigome*
~ The Face In The Photo

Rimi has some of the best cards hands down, this one takes the cake though. The untrained has a great feeling of momentum as a group and the trained is just gorgeous. I love the pose and the colors and the little fairy Rimis floating around her. The two images for the card feel very different but they fit together surprisingly well.

*Saaya Yamabuki* ~ Waving At The Sun

If anyone fits in this style of soft vintage card, it's Saaya. If you look close at the trained the whole background has a painterly effect that is just stunning. I love that you get to see her siblings too in the untrained because being a big sister is important to her character. She just looks really sweet and calm in this card.

*Arisa Ichigaya* ~ You're Such A Handful

This is a rare one where I prefer the untrained. It shows such an adorable moment of Arisa lovingly making her bandmates out of snow. Arisa fits really well with winter colors I think. She's a very winter-y character. I also love the Art Deco border with the flowers and how it ties in the flowers from the untrained version in a new way. 

Thanks for reading this and if you're a bandori fan let me know your favorite band in the game for me to do next!  <3

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