just got called emo today (8.8.23)

I went to school with a rlly bad stomach ache, i didnt think much of it until it was too late. My stomach was ACHING the entire day, it hurt so bad i could hardly breathe. 

anyways, like the title said. It was pe n i left my stuff unattended for a while to talk with some friends. I saw a group of "the boyzzz" checking out my tablet, presumably to check the time and along the way, they saw my wallpaper. It was just a pic of Richey and that made them laugh a bit. 

Later on, we had geography but the tr wasnt there so we spent time on our gadgets lol. I heard a commotion happening in the boys' group so i went and it turns out that they were just stalking everyone's ig accounts. n when i went there, one of them asked me if i was emo n i said no...

In our last class, science, the same guy who asked me if i was emo randomly hissed at me (its been his habit recently) n i called him EMO (cuz rawr xd) n he used my wallpaper against me skull emojis along with a "are you stuck in the 2000s? ur stuck in the 2000s".

Ive also found out that one of our classmates' mother crochets n i was rlly excited to hear that.

I plan on making a vlog inspired by the early 2000s yt vlogs, i think i have a lot to say rn. I have the channel but i still dont have the time to make a vlog. Probably by this friday!! Im excited!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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