I hadn't made a post on Barbie, because that was anywhere between an 8 to 10/10 for me. Superb movie for what it is.

I was curious whether Oppenheimer would match up because everyone is watching these two, and this weekend I found out.

It was very worthwhile! Christopher Nolan does not disappoint often. Oppenheimer imo is not his best and clearly meant to play into Gen Z's attention span (even then, I'm sure some found it boring drivel, perhaps not worth 3h, but what I've noticed is that every second counts in a Nolan movie).

However, it is a very well done film. It kept my friends and I on the edges of our seats for the entire time, and had us non verbal and slumped afterwards. The message of the film was quite simple, and in typological terms there was a lot of introverted intuition and introverted thinking as themes and woven through motifs in the movie, a clear tap into a collective unconscious in order to make an impact on the world.

In layman's terms, as said in the cinema that truly struck me,
"The important thing isn't can you read music, it's can you hear it."

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