Kin list!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!? 🗣️‼️‼️🙏 /ooc

Not gonna use a typing quirk today cuz I’m kinda eepy atm 😭

Anygaysss..time for the kinlist :P

-Ayana aishi (yan sim)

-Sad guy/susie wonder (spooky month)

-sal fisher (sally face)

- pinkie pie/fluttershy (MLP)

-Teruteru hanamura/Gonta gokuhara/kirumi tojo (Danganronpa)

-kobeni higashiyama/Deni (chainsaw man)

-kel/basil (omori)

-shoya ishida (a silent voice) 

-sayori/yuri/natsuki (DDLC)

-Nene (pico’s school)

-Ena (Joel g)

-Noelle holiday (deltarune)

And that’s about it ;w;

This is so random but idrk what to post so ima just do this xP

Might do something later on idk

But that’s all goobers 

I hope ur all having a wonderful day/afternoon/night :3 


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