10 days until i quit my job!!

Today was relatively really good!! I felt clear minded most of the time, my manager gave me her email so I can send the resignation letter, and I got some help from a coworker with stocking today!

I really like how things are looking up just in general. I'm starting to choose for myself what to care about and what to take personally or what to shrug off. I'm really happy things are getting better.

There is also just life stuff I am struggling with, but the uphill battle is feeling good now. I feel motivated more than ever. I also feel extremely patient. I know a lot of the things I want from life will require patience and I'm okay with that. The time will come. And I'll be waiting right here. And I'll be moving and working towards it.

Also while I was working I started listening to the Starlight Express soundtrack, and I've never heard before but I really like it!

I'm pumped and excited for the future, but I have to go to sleep now. And tomorrow I need to go to the community college to take a math placement test...Which reminds me, when I wake up I need to study. And I need to send the letter!

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