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My CD/Vinyl Collection

System of a Down

Mesmerize (CD)

Hypnotize (CD)

Self Titled (CD and Vinyl)

Toxicity (CD)

Steal This Album! (CD)


Sehnsucht (CD)

Untitled (CD)

Angst (Vinyl)


Greatest Hits Vol.1 (CD)

Follow the Leader (Vinyl)

Issues (CD)

Powerman 5000

Tonight the Stars Revolt! (CD)

Transform (CD)

Smash Mouth

Fush Yu Mang (CD)


Black Album (CD)

My Chemical RomanceĀ 

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (CD)

Tardigrade Inferno

Burn the Circus (CD)

Melted Bodies

Enjoy Yourself (CD)

Ozzy Osbourne

The Essential Ozzy Osbourne (CD)

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omgrr soad cds.. so bgoob i neeed hypnotize so badlyyy!! lonely day /33

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I used to have two other CDs, but that was back in Middle School and was still having my music tastes develop. Had One-X by Three Days Grace and Rise by Skillet on CD. I'd also burn my own CDs so I could listen to other songs in the backyard lol

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