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Introduction and DNI's

The fandoms are NOT up to date!!! I am no longer a part of some of them. I am too lazy to update it tho. Sorry lol

DNI: Basic dni(homophobes, racists, etc.), proshippers, Republicans (this could be put in the basic dni tbh), toxic Christians, under 13 or over 25 (if I add you it's fine just dont add me pls), toxic antis, and toxic fans. Stay away from me  >:(


☆ Hi, I"m Ghost! I'm 14 and transmasc. I use he/they pronouns

☆I am neurodivergent. I have ADHD 

☆ I am very socially awkward. I suck ass at talking to ppl and holding conversations so if I seem dry I'm sorry I'm just not good at socializing

☆Im Native American (Cherokee to be specific)

☆ I use ":D" and ":)" a lil too much 

☆ I'm a mix of tons of different aesthetics (mostly emo, punk, 80s, and skater. And yes, I know that punk isn't just an aesthetic I also go with the beliefs or wtvr you call them.)

☆I cuss a lot so if that makes you uncomfortable just ask me to stop and I will :)

☆I only use tone tags if I feel like what I'm saying can be taken the wrong way but if you need them I will use them.

☆If you're going through my blinkies and see the vegan one, I am not vegan. I got the blinkies from someone else and couldn't remove it bc I didn't know which one it was lol. I don't have a problem with vegans btw! Idk if it sounded like I did but just in case lol

☆ You can vent to me but pls keep in mind that I probably won't know how to respond or just won't respond at all. If I do respond it will probably just be me trying to relate to you. I'm not good at comforting ppl. I am good at listening tho so if you want someone to jsut listen to you then I'm your guy but there are WAY better ppl to go to that aren't me. TLDR; There are better ppl to vent to


☆I LOVE ARGs, analog horror, and creepy shit in general. PLS recommend good videos about horror/disturbing stuff for me to watch! Nothing sounds interesting rn. I have another blog post for recs so you can comment those there. ALSO, I'm a fuckin nerd and I like DnD

Fandoms: Dialtown, mcyt, FNAF, spiderman, MCR, PTV, Minecraft, genloss, MW2, Stanley Parable, Mandela Catalogue, creepypasta, dhmis, Watchdogs 1 and 2, The Outsiders, and probably more that I can't think of. (I'm not a dsmp fan currently, but I was in 2021-2022. I reference it occasionally but for the most part, It just doesn't exist to me. I forget about it a lot. Also, I'm NOT a dream stan!!! I DONT like him or the dteam)

Music: I listen to a lot of different bands and genres but I will always take band and song recs! I have another blog post for recs so if you have any you can comment them there!! I can almost guarantee we have at least one band or song that we both like. I listen to a LOT of music :D and if we don't then I've at least probably heard of them/the song.

☆I really like art even tho I'm not very good at it. Also, I play the Clarinet

☆I love anything to do with the 2000's

☆Live laugh love punk rock. Especially hardcore, it's so good. I live and breathe punk rock tbh it's my fav genre rn

TLDR; I'm really cool!!!

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