✧ mini art dump! (OCs, frogsonas, & more) ✧

Here's an OC sheet for Birken, a vampire who attends night-school getting a film degree because he's bored. Ties in with THIS oc. He's a new vampire (turned in the 90's) but he likes to pretend he's super old and is very pretentious about it.

Here's a doodle page I did (very stream-of-consciousness, as you can probably tell) BCE2-E2-D0-B954-4-B06-AEC3-0-EC272873707
Finally, here's a page for an OC that doesn't have a story, I just thought their design was neat enough to draw a few times :) CA623-A56-E281-400-D-A376-B8-BAFEEC7416
Thanks for stopping by!

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Your art style is sooo cool! I love the shading in the first drawing, and how much detail you add to the clothes. (☆▽☆)

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AHHH TYSM!!!!! I really appreciate it :)))

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Carval D'Silver

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Soooo beautiful fr fr I love it, I want to do an oc sheet of my character and your style definitely will be my inspo

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Ahh thank you so much???? That’s literally the nicest compliment ever!!! I would love to see it!

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Oh my lorddd i love your art style, i really like how you do hair...absolutely edible art style nom nom nom

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thanks so much!!!! :D

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OMG that all looks so sick- i love the doodle page smsm

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THANK UUUUUU !!!! Very much appreciate!

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