Chapter 1

One uptime there were two kids in madly in love but things turn sour. The love between them change. The boy was left broken hearted. The girl move on toward her new life without him. She found out about the forbidden love between two people if they continued to love each would lead to death. It was called the law of forbidden. The boy was crying so bad that night he lost hope to find her. But years has past since that day. He he meet a teenage name Adi who they become friends and talk about what would they do to be happy to break the forbidden law. As Zackary soon realized it from his father who died with his mom when he was born. Zackary soon realized that the human race was dying until he meet Adi who parents were slaught in front of face when they found him. Adi was giving to live but had to watch his parents die in front of his face as the price of being born alive. Adi was sad for so long until Zackary meet him. They both want to work to end the forbidden law to have kids or love. Zackary told Adi that he will bring the end of the curse and get his revenge on who killed his parents and to get back to his first love who left him without words. One day the girl heard about Zackary being alive she starts breaking down and crying. She wishes he was dead because she would have to remember why she left him. He doesn't know she left to protect him. She is forced to work as a slave for the forbidden rebellion against their mom's wishes because if she wanted them to be spare alive for the price of having her. She agrees and now she is a slave to forbidden rebellions. As part of being a forbidden rebel, you will have to kill men and children or death. She has killed many babies and kids because it was money and her life on the lines.

She knows if Zackary was still alive he would hate her and what she becomes. Zackary works for the Circle Death. What is a circle of death you may be asking? The circle of death is people who kill the forbidden rebellion who kills kids and babies. They own the right to find peace in world and stop the forbidden rebellion to get back the world they took over decades ago. Now on journey Zackary and Adi decide to leave camp of their town to search for the girl Zackary loves. Adi didn’t want go because he didn’t want to lose people at their camp. Zackary told him that we are growing older everyday but if we stay nothing will change and I need to find Saria. If I don’t I’ll die of broken heart forever. Adi said what so amazing about her?! She is my world and joy and the one who keeps me moving. I believe she left you Zackary. Shut Up! It not true. It can’t be. I need her back to my arms Adi. Zackary it not going mean much if you die before you find her. Adi, I won’t die before we meet. She and I were meant to be. I don’t care how many days or years. I will find her and take her back. Z-Zackary Stop being a hopeless romantic. It’s better to be a hopeless romantic than a broken man like you are now. Damn you fine, let’s go than. I hope we won’t die first. We won’t! Saria I’m coming for you. I need answer and why you left. Saria. Yes, sir! What is it?! I need you to get rid of him! Rid of who?! Your lover! Lover?! Don’t play dumb girl! We know you know where he at! He will be looking for you! Zackary why? Please, take care of the forbidding law trash! Your her with me as to pay for your family crimes. Yes,sir! Zackary please forgive me! I have to do it! *starts crying* Stop crying! Yes! I guess I should of knew this would be the end of us. The end of are heart. Saria, please don’t fail! You know what happen if you do! Yes! Good! Now go! Bring are second an commander with you! Why?! You’ll be needing it! I can kill him myself! Don’t believe you could! You believe he’s that strong?! Silents and go! Yes! Damn my back killing me Zackary! Can we take a break?! No! Why can’t we?! We need to keep going! We are almost to village! Village? The old scary lady witch! Nothing but that place! 😔 haha, don't worry I know her sister. She scary as hell! But she a very kind soul! We finally made it! I'm out breath! Zachary can we just leave and sleep outside! Are you really scared of her that much? Yes! Haha, stay put than. Hey, I'm not weak! I'm coming too! Okay. You came here as I thought you would! Oi, granny! Owww! Have respect for your elders! I'm sorry Allyson! That's much better. Don't make me hit you again! Haha okay. Oh, hi Zachary. I'm surprised you came all the way out here..

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