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Hey! Vic there :d

 Summer break is almost over (at least in my country) so i got an idea to share with yall some tips that help me go through the school year!

LETS BEGIN! ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • buy yourself a spare notepad for ur daily lesson revision - revising daily is important, especially when the subject is imortant.
  • spend studying at least 30 minutes a day on one subject - this can only apply for imortant school subject or when you have troubles with one. I usually just set the timer and read or write the notes.
  • listen at lessons and take notes - this may sound obvious but not everyone actually pays attention to that. You can have more free time at home when you pay attention to the current lesson and learn something.
  • read and write method - the only thing you need to do is read the thing you need to learn and try to memorize most of it, then write everything you remember on the paper. Do the same thing until you remember everything.
  • read and write method 2 - for this method you need your notes, pen and a piece of paper. Read the notes but at the same time act like ur writing on the piece of paper. It dont need to be the actual words, just act like ur writing.
  • the pomodoro technique - plan your tasks, focused work for 25 minutes then 5 minute break, repeat it 4 times then take a longer break (15-30 minutes)
  • dont stay up too late to learn - it never works. when you spend the whole night learning without any rest there is 99% chance that you wont learn anything. Get some rest :D
  • mark imortant info with markers or sticky notes - when u tend to forget its better to mark the important info.
  • mark important dates in the calendar - again, when you tend to forget things, its alwys better to mark ur exams/projects/homework in calendar.

  • comfy backpack - comfy backpack is always important, especially when u carry lots of books.
  • water bottle (with filter prefered) - when ur in the rush sometimes you forgot to fill up your water bottle, so its nice to fill it up at school to keep hydrated.
  • spare money - when u forgot to pack your lunch remember to buy something so u dont be hungry all day.
  • small friend group - its nice to have some people you can talk to and make ur mood better!
  • dont study all the time - give yourself a time for hobbies/going out with friends/self care.
  • improve your language - read books! teachers sometimes appreciate students who read books.
  • make cheat sheets for not really important subject or topic - it sounds weird but dont waste ur energy for a topic or subject thats not that important.
  • the first thing you do before you start learning: do homework - even tho u dont have the subject the next day its always better to do it and have free time later.
  • dont get stressed with other peoples opinion - theres 99% chance you will not see these people again after school so why bother?
  • set up a nice atmosphere while studying - candles, music and something good to drink? Sounds fun!

  • notion - organizing your routine but also other imortant things.
  • duolingo - improve other languages.
  • quizlet - make quizzes from subjects u want to learn from.
  • photomath - doing ur math homework :d
  • canva - making pretty presentations.
  • study bunny - focus timer.

Thats all! thank you all for reading and special thanks for my friend - Juls for a little bit of help :D

I will ofc update this blog sometime when i will find some more helpful tips! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

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