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comfort character appreciation #1: ♡︎ hanako kun/amane yugi 

*I made these photo edits in clip studio paint


My thoughts and feelings about Hanako-kun
↳ I love that he plays the role of the anti-villain of the story. He is an "antagonist" in many different ways, but he is heroic and kind in some aspects. A lot of my comfort characters are like this. In the picture perfect arc, he just wanted to save Nene and protect her, so they can live happily ever after, basically. And I find his heart to be noble. I also really enjoy his mischief, and silly adventures he has with the crew. He always manages to save Nene and has a fun time with his friends. I really enjoy that he's very mysterious, and we have yet to see truly how deep his power goes, I wonder if things will become darker for him in the future, or if he will show more of his hold on the school mysteries. In the lens of yashiro, I feel connected to and comforted by him. He is spicy and intimidating sometimes, but just a lil guy who likes donuts other times. It makes me happy that he is connected to yashiro through the mermaid scales. And I wonder if he could turn into a ghost fish, that would be silly. And through my yashiro nene kinnie, I love him, all the ship art with him and nene makes me happy. they are very cute together and I can't wait to see more crazy shit happen with them. 
Before I started reading and watching TBHK, I really felt attracted to and interested and intrigued by his design. He reminds me of a character I made when I was younger. A child with red and yellow eyes and dark hair just like Hanako-kun. It felt like fate when I found out about this character and series. Now it's one of my favourite things since Vampire Knight. And it does have the energy of VK and Soul Eater, without the 2000s swag. 
I adore the art of this series and it's one of my favourites. Here's to Hanako-kun, a spicy lil ghost guy. (♡°▽°♡)

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Oh I love tbhk! My favorite is Shijima Mei. I love her and relate to her. <3

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oh yes!! she's so pretty!! <3 i really love her arc and the hospital mei. the ending felt so hopeful and beautiful.

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