Perfect honesty

I wrote on MySpace ALL the freakin time.. and I never thought of backing it up. Well, I did, but by the time I thought to do it, it was too late. It would never load no matter how many times I requested for it to be downloaded. My GreatestJournal was deleted.

So now I'm TERRIFIED to write here. I don't know how long this site will be up, if Tom will sue An, or even if An will sell to Facebook because Fuckerberg doesn't like competition. I have a super super top secret Tumblr, but I just don't trust online blogs anymore.

I have horrible memory issues that are not treatable, so I write my life down as much as possible so that I don't forget it. I made the mistake of writing it down and thinking that specific websites would never go anywhere. I've lost years of my life due to this, so many memories. Eh. Maybe I could just back stuff up this time?

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