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wind breaker part 3 done!! (WIND BREAKER SPOILERS DUH)

wind breaker part 3 was such an experience omfg... cant wait to read up to what the authors made now!! its gonna suck having to wait for new chapters tho ToT

but like omg... so much happened and like so many parts RUINED ME!! Mainly minu in the hospital and his sh thing like damn... glad hes starting to do better again tho :) AND ALSO SHELLY AND JAY. I WAS SO SAD N I THOUGHT SHELLY WAS GONNA B GONE BUT NO I THINK THEY R JST LONG DISTANCE NOW SO WOOOO!!!!

besides that vinny and the girl hes with (totally forgot her name) r sooo cute together like i love them and all the couples! i rlly hope we get to see more of dom and aria tho because oml i love their characters sooooo much! I dont think any1 reads these but i'll make another blog when i get caught up on the story :D

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