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Me and Pokemon

Really got back into Pokemon this last spring season when I decided to re-play and actually beat Ultra Moon (I gave up when I was younger). Now while I've playes quite a few Pokemon games there are many I have yet to play and if I've played them that doesn't mean I've beat them. I've yet to beat a Gen 1 or 2 game, I haven't playes Gen 5 just yet and its been years sense I last touched Gen 6 as I have a faulty cartridge.

Now my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Moon and as such those were my first picks of starters, I chose popplio the water type starter and had a rather successful playthrough (even if it took me some 7 tries to beat Kukui xP). A few months after that I got Pokemon Y as I thought that Xerneas looked weird and then proceeded to kinda walk through the game with ease and promptly forget all about it. 

I think the next official Pokemon game I played was Sword some 4 years later. My partner then proceeded to get me into Pixelmon sometime last year and I've just been enjoying Pokemon sense but only really getting intonit with my Ultra Moon playthrough. 

Now I love most Pokemon, I am a firm believer that every Pokemon has a home that wants them (yes even klefki and vanillite) and I appreciate most all Pokemon. I do still have my favorites though. Mimikyu, Goomy, Rowlet, Banette, Mudkip, Torchic, Ralts, Hisuian Goodra, Iron Valiant, Mawile, Dhelmise, Ceruledge, Alolan Raichu, Cyndaquil, Litwick, Amoongus and Skitty are the ones that come to mind.

The Skitty and Amoongus ones are very interesting because the main reason I like them is because of the card game. I had a Team Plazma Amoongus and just found some random Skitty card that I adored back in elementary.

OH! I almost forgot the only like legendary/mythicals I like, Cosmog, Shaymin, and Marshadow. Just those three, most of the legendary and mythical Pokemon are fine but they are very important to the ecosystem of the Pokemon world so a 10 year old prolly shouldn't capture them.

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