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New Single: Der Haaland + updates

My cousin came over to my house and we made a new football related single together, you can check it out on my bandcamp: Der Haaland | Sonic4 with Keremmmm

Any new updates? STALE02's production is still continuing, and it's confirmed to have 76 songs. This will be the biggest release from Sonic4 Test Records, even surpassing TRCM with its 72 memories (not counting the additional memories). I'm actively trying to build the tracklist of STALE02, but this is actually really hard to do. None of the songs fit in good together, so I'm struggling to make a good tracklist. STALE02 might be better or worse compared to AuditoryStaleDöner, but you'll be the one to decide. It will be even more various, crazy, and loud. There will be many tracks by Local Radar, Stomach Acid, and me. And also, Just Yuri will have 2 or 3 songs, so there's also that.

About the website? It is still in the works, and I will share what more is there left to do. Here is my website checklist as of today.

  • add keremmmm's quote to :swk_dh:'s page
  • revamp the entire protagonist microsite and update old album descriptions
  • make the protagonist microsite's "releases" page
  • write the artist pages for :str_sonic4: :str_theprotagonist: :str_stevieobsidian: :str_localradar: :str_badcitizen:

I have another news to announce, about my youtube channel. After TRCM CD 6 is released, I promise that I will make Full Album Videos of all my albums uploaded to my youtube channel for all to see. This might be my only chance of getting a little more attention, because trying to get famous only off bandcamp won't do. I am also planning to upload The Death Of Blox songs separately. And no, I will NOT upload TRCM songs separately. 

I also have a BitView channel "Sonic4TestRecords" and I will upload Music Video clips of some songs from my albums there, in the future of course. Currently, there won't be anything for youtube.

Please refer to my previous blog post if you want to learn about my future projects.

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