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hey everybody! it's been a while since i've blogged. i just figured i'd give you all an update, considering i've been a tiny bit inactive lately!

i'm moving houses soon, and cleaning everything out is exhausting... i've been working on my room and figuring out what i need to keep and throw away! plus, i need to buy everything i need to have, and plan out the room design. i've never really done this before!

i haven't moved since maybe age 14? so it's been a hot second. i'm really excited to start fresh though, even if i have MAJOR anxiety about how my neighbors will be. i'm sharing a house with new people and it is worrying. i need to clean up some bad habits stat, hahaha!

but, besides that, i need you all to look at what i'm purchasing for myself.

i mean, look. can you judge me? i think these are perfect. they will be great first impressions on the type of guy i am.

bagging up all of my stuffed animals and needing to choose between them all is pretty sad, but i am for sure keeping all of the bunnies. i am too emotionally attached to all of my junk to get rid of it, aaaghh! being a borderline hoarder sure does suck.

hopefully i am able to keep my new room clean. thank you all for reading, i guess!

- eb.

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i hope moving out goes super well. im sorry its so stressful, i had to move around a shit ton growing up so i understand the feeling, itll pass once you get settled i hope!

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haha, hopefully it doesn't get too bad! thanks man.

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