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POEM: Dear mother, earth. By: izzy

Dear mother earth, swallow me up so when time comes you can spit me out and I can become as pure as I was, as sweet as I was, as innocent and respectful I was, the good daughter I was.

 Dear mother earth I have failed you, i'm not a good daughter, sister, friend, nor person. I beg of you to kill me with your ever-so-gentle embrace, then birth me again so I can take the place of the person I once was, and become the person I was meant to be.

Dear mother earth, take me back in time so I can make the right choices, say and do the right things. Dear mother earth, let me crawl back into the womb and start everything over, before I end up in an early tomb.

Dear mother earth, you've guided me into being my best version of myself, and I've chosen to walk the other way. Dear mother earth, lets start over in a world where you never left and I am not distant, dear mother earth i'll try to be more consistent, and meet you more than halfway.

Dear mother earth, i'm so sorry i cannot be the person you want me to be. Dear mother earth, you are caged, let me set you free.

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yes this is an original poem by, me, obvi! i hope you like it

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