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an update on my amazing love life

continuation from my old acc

i met this girl in either decemember or janurary maybe earlier my memory isnt the greatest and we got together on the night of janurary 16th,,this girl. where do i even begin

she is the sweetest,,kindest,,most caring,,smart,,beautiful,,awe inspiring,,ethereal,,otherworldly,,enticing,,fascinating,,most interesting person ive ever met,,,i feel so so so lucky to have met her she is my whole world she is so so beautiful in more ways than she could even imagine,,,her eyes are like a soft fog over a crystal clear blue lake surround by an evergreen forest,,i could get lost in them and never want to find my way out,,and their laugh oh fuck their laugh its the best sound in the world and their smile melts me their smile gives me butterflies that for the first time in my life dont hurt they make me feel loved and special and they make me feel like i matter and if i were to die at least they would miss me\

ive never really been doing great mentally and recently its gotten a lot worse but they make me so so so fucking happy and they give me hope that ill be okay and everything will be okay one day, shes the first person thats made me feel something in a long time i dont feel like i have to fear her shes my peace when she looks at me i feel genuienly loved when she tells me she loves me i can feel it in the deepest parts of my heart and soul

its 2023 now, i am still so so so fucking in love with her. she is genuinely the best thing that has ever happened to me. it has almost been 2 years, it will be in january. i cannot be happier. i couldnt possibly be happier. she has made my life so bright and warm and when im with her i feel like i can do anything

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thank you for being the most kind and loving soul in the universe <33

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