About Me Page?

I'm always bad at these, I never know what to put lol

I'm 22, an OSSD System, artist and photographer. I enjoy doing makeup and might post some of my work here and there-

Right now I'm getting back into poetry! It's gonna be heavy stuff if I end up posting anything, but that's because it's always been a sort of outlet for me. Haven't done it in years, and forgot how much I enjoyed it. 

I roleplay and write a lot (mostly write through role-play now tho tbh), love video games, horror, and old nostalgic stuff. 

Y2k, scene, emo, goth-I'm into all sorts of alternative styles, both style wise and music wise. Just recently had the chance to get into it clothing and aesthetics wise within recent years. 

Some of my long term fixations and interests are:

Cooking, tea, coffee, Sonic, Creepypasta, MLP, anime, manga, Nintendo, Stardew Valley, Fatal Frame, NUCarnival, Genshin Impact, Shining Nikki, and more!

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