What's The Point Of Anything?

In the silence of my room, I choose to hide,

Turning on the TV, my solace, my guide.

I sink into the pool, a drowning escape,

Avoiding the pain of watching you make your escape.

Survivor plays on, a cruel game of deceit,

Reflecting the turmoil that within me does beat.

Perhaps sleep will grant me some respite,

As I sink into the sofa, consumed by the night.

But what's the purpose, what's the worth?

When all I see is betrayal and hurt.

My friends are absent, lost in love's maze,

Leaving me behind in this lonely haze.

Love takes its toll, consuming all our time,

Leaving friendships shattered, broken like a rhyme. 

But amidst the wreckage, a glimmer of hope remains,

A chance to rebuild, to heal the heart's stains.

For though love may be cruel, it also can mend,

And friendships can be revived, on which we depend.

So I'll gather my strength and face the pain,

Embracing the challenge of love's wicked game.

For even in darkness, a light will shine through,

And I'll find my way out of this lonely haze, too.

I hope I won't fall through.

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