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Freud was an 19th century reddit athiest

I have been reading Civilization and its discontents as an intro to Freud, and while i agree very much with the larger concepts, it's hard to get over his atheism nonsense. I know for a fact if he was some B Tier millennial he would have posted his whole life on that subreddit, and then karma whored some "spez hate" posts. If he was born at any time during the digital millenium, he would have been unsufferable.

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studying freud is like giving yourself a voluntary headache

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LMAO. I've never read Freud, but I don't doubt any of this

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You're entitled to your opinion but "not reading freud" is the trap everyone falls in. The subconscious sensationalizes his claims in an effort to protect itself from his penetration. He is simply naming the beast.
Really though, i get it, i felt this way too at one point.

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