I thought of writing you a poem.

one of the text's I've wrote not so long ago. 

Gotta say I'm not used to write in English so they might not be good :( but I try my best ! If anybody who sees this wants to share more texts or do something together I'm completely down for it! <3

"I thought I might write you a poem

but I have so much to tell that I don't know where to start. 

I wanted to give you something before I leave so you have something from me 

but that might not be your style

maybe is not what you want, 

tell me, what do you want?

what do you need?

I'd love to write endless poems about those eyes of yours

those eyes that they captivate me 

I want to know what they hide, 

what they have to tell, 

I want to know their story, 

I want to know your story. 

I've been reading this over and over so I can perfectly read it for you, 

maybe because I'm scared you might not care about it, 

maybe because I'm scared that you might don't like it, 

I'm insecure. 

I don't want to force you to like it, 

I don't want to force you to like me."



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