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salut ! art blog

hii :D my best friend got me on here, and might as well use it if she wants me on here so bad, right? 

Here's some of my artwork, i draw a lot.. maybe i'll upload more ? ! 

warnings one of these has blood... very small

FANART FOR A CONTEST (i didnt win anything btw lol)
identity v fanarts
Experimental art of my OC, Capucine, I wanted to try a new rendering style, not a fan of how it came out....
something I did awhile ago for funs. Might make it a print? 

Ok thats it ! that's all I'll post ! thats just an exemplary of my arts... I just wanted to post some sort of as an introduction posts <333 thank u for looking :3

I also draw an insane amount of eroguro, I just wont share it here. aha. 

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