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I've changed my boba order so many times throughout the past 4 years ^_^ my first order I'd always get from bubblecup was a mango drink with mango popping pearls, then it was taro milk tea and pearls then sweet milk tea and pearls and then brown sugar milk pearls and now it's thai tea with pearls from gotcha specifically which I need to stop buying because each boba costs an hour of my life 😭✋️ I need to save my money,  i say that like I didn't just buy a 30 dollar book for someone 30 seconds ago LMFAOO but sadly I had a 5 dollar note in my pocket to ask them to wrap the book but it fucking flew out somewhere so idk where my little 5 note is and I'm MAD 😭😭😭😭 but whatever I gtg to work soon soooo ugh

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