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scenecore layout 2 users starter pack

so scenecore layout 2ians pls don't come for my family cause i like them 🥺 (being /srs this is all 100% a joke i swear i'm not an ass!!!!)


  • always uses !! when talking
  • 80% chance their username uses leet speak
  • their profile hurts your brain
  • 13-15 years old, super rarely 16+
  • constantly speaking with emoticons
  • they like: my little pony, rebzyxx, s3rl, kandi, nyan cat, horror, fnaf, waffles, tacos and maybe creepypastas
  • almost always has a typing quirk that sometimes will hurt your brain
  • thinks hyperpop is scene music (it expands more than that genre)
  • "rawr XD" "XOXO" "Plur"
  • probably doesn't watch invader zim and only knows and likes it cause of gir
  • has adhd, maybe a double whammy with the autism
  • pfp can be easily found if you search "scenecore pfp" on google

kk that's all *explodes*

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MetalHeart ☭

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This is so true oh my God

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fucking hatre the layout

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