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am i even tranzmasc ???

bcz liek omg . i wld luv 2 b someonez tall scene gf .... mayb im jus a little bit masculine sometimez !! mayb i am ztill a ciz girl !!? implodes violently im cONFUZD!! >~<!!!11!1

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โ‹†หšเฟ” van ๐œ—๐œšหšโ‹†

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its totally ok to not know and take your time figuring it out!! ^^ i have similar feelings and id as bigender/genderfluid, the structures of gender are confusing and confining so i often feel like i exist as both a "boy" and a "girl."

no matter what you discover you are in the end, just know it's totally cool and nobody's decision but your own :)

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tysm!! <33

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and liek. the term never fully fit?? i used 2 b liek 'oh im juzt a fem guy iz all' but im liek. such a womn rn aughhhnn gendr can go die fr ://!!

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and alzo im aroace!!! so why do i wana b some1z gf?? liek not even ina platonik way eithur :cc queztioning iz hell ahh

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nvm i waz juzt bein silli :P

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