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good omens season 2 (spoilers ahead)

gosh, the day it came out i completely forgot it was coming out. i was at my moms and it was pretty late, then i remembered it was supposed to release at midnight. i stayed up until six in the morning watching it and oh my goodness. it's amazing.

i loved every second of season two and i cannot wait for season three, there's just so many things to wrap up; nina and maggie, what's gonna happen with them? do we get to see beelzebub and gabriel again? what's aziraphale doing in heaven to stop the second coming? how is crowley (our sweet babygirl, bless her heart) handling the divorce? is jesus going to be in season three? what about shax? i loved her a lotttt. how are aziraphale and crowley gonna make up?!

there's just so many questions swirling around in my brain. there was a google document that someone wrote (it's about 15k words in length) about a theory they had about the metatron and how he may be powerful enough to have access to the book of life and how he's been changing things here and there, like aziraphale's memories and stuff.

it's a really good read, and i kind of agree with it because it just makes so much sense. i don't agree with the coffee theory if i'm being honest, it just doesn't feel concrete enough. "Oh, aziraphale only agreed to go to heaven because the metatron laced the coffee to make him come back" that's lame.

i don't think neil made that the case, but i do think that the coffee was a sort of nail in the coffin. i read a tumblr post about all the manipulation tactics the metatron deployed on aziraphale; being nice to him, making him feel like his opinions and thoughts were valid, sort of buttering him up because aziraphale hadn't agreed with a lot of heaven's standards.

i'll link the google document and the tumblr post at the end of this blog, but i just want to talk about season two right quick.

i don't really have anyone else to blurb to about it, so here goes; i fucking adored it. i loved seeing crowley and aziraphale interact with each other again after such a long time, it was awesome to see their relationship get expanded upon in this season, it felt like the entire season sort of centered around showing us how close they are and the season was bringing them closer together at the same time, until crowley finally talked about his feelings with aziraphale. of course, the ending was so so heartbreaking, but i absolutely loved it because it opened up a hole in the story that would need to fixed and i can't wait to see how they patch the hole in season 3. we love a good angsty cliffhanger!

let's not forget the kiss; it rocked my world the first time i watched the scene, i cried, i squealed like a girl, i kicked my feet, i almost exploded. my poor babygirl crowley i wish i could hold his hand :( but maybe those two will kiss in season 3 :) i'm almost certain they will, and it'll be even better and less heartbreaking

anyways, that's all folks! if i think of anything else, i'll make another blog post!

the links, as promised:

the google doc

the tumblr post

cheers, all! and a happy good omens 2!

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