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so today while i was cleaning up my living room i went to go put somethings in the recycling bin, since my brother was out there i stopped him and asked him if he could put the things in the bin but he told me to do it himself. so i did, and then me and my brother played a bit and the he ran onto the patio and i did too,but when i ran there he ran back to where he was and then i felt something sharp go in my foot, i thought it was a little rock since when i run outside barefoot it had happened to me before, i held the side of my house and i saw glass and i tried squeezing it out thinking it was only a tiny piece of glass so then the glass shard turned red, and my sisters had to squeeze and pull it out, and now my foot is bl00dy and i couldnt find a bandaid so i js left it like that (>.<)

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