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02/08/23 -vibes after moving-

So yeah, I moved into my own apartment yesterday!

I have been doing the paperwork- stuff the last month and packing my belongings. Yesterday I woke up and after getting ready, me and my mom left to get my apartment keys.

It was kinda raining the whole day, but my new house had such good natural lightning, I hadn't even noticed that when I saw it for the first time last month- because we were there for like 5 minutes and the blinds were closed.

My parents were there to help me unpack everything and carry my furniture upstairs with me.

Later after my dad left home, my moms boyfriend dropped off my washing machine and my sister came with him to see what my new apartment looks like, she will be spending the most time there with me because her school is close to where I live.

My sister wanted to go to Subway because she was hungry, we couldn't figure out how the train worked so we missed our first train but good thing, here the trains come way more often than where I originally lived in.

When we were still out, getting food, that friend of mine I talked about in a previous blog called and said he also wanted to come see my apartment, I said that I really want him to see it but I'm too tired to take visitors today.

We went back and as a joke, I wanted to check inside my new mailbox because I thought it would be empty... HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ


After I took a few of them out, I could not get ANY of them back in!! My sister left to get us a trash bag so we could throw them away..


Everyone started kinda leaving eventually, and I stayed there to spend the night, it was super nice, I love my apartment. Today I went to buy some pillows by myself and now I'm at my dads house. I really like being here as well tho.. I feel kinda sad my stuff isn't here tho.

I have also been making my 'moving day'-vlog but I can't get it to look right.. I'll be editing it for the next few days and this weekend I'll meet my friends!! (เน‘>ุ‚โ€ขฬ€เน‘)

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