Me and my boyfriends anniversary


Yesterday was me and my boyfriends 1 year anniversary!!

Also I started taking antidepressants called Lexapro yesterday and omg y'all have y'all seen the side effects for it like omg the antidepressants can give me MORE depression..

Anyways I'm really glad I celebrated a one year anniversary with my boyfriend and I'm proud of the healthy communication we've been having lately I'm really starting to open up to him more :)

Here's a poem I made for him that I'll share with him whenever he's online again:

"If he were hot..I'd give him the moon and all of its beauty and watch as the light reflects in his gorgeous brown eyes creating tides of their own..And if he were cold I'd give him the sun to match his radiant energy that i aspire to have one day..That way I can see his handsome face for golden hour as the sun sets..I can never be the heart and love for him could never set into dusk.."

I lopve my bf sooo much but i also love all of you internet strangers so stay safe and remeber to drink water and eat a nice meal.. I'm proud of you for being able to get out of bed today and even if you're still sleepy and in bed it's not bad to get a little extra rest bye bye luvs <3

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