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Book buds?

Hey! Please DM me if you'd like to hold each other accountable on reading and check in about books we're on and such. We could even hold book clubs where we read the same books, if paces match up, but for now I'd love to just meet other readers with similar interests.

The genres I read most are pretty vast: psychological, mystery, philosophy, thriller, horror, romance, realistic fiction, and poetry. I do like fantasy and manga time to time. 

I do prefer film most as far as medias go, but reading is a wonderful habit to make and there is much to learn for an everlasting student and teacher, in one.

So feel free to reach out if this speaks to you and we can play around with reading together!

P.S. I'm starting with The Secret History by Donna Tartt :) I will likely go for a psychology book next.

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i'd totally be up for it! the secret history's been on my tbr for months now too lol, it'd be good motivation to actually start it

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hey hey! sorry this is late, i'd love to take u up on this, lemme dm u <3 :)

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I would like to do this!!

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let's do it!! sorry this is a late response, i'd love to :) i'll send you a dm!

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would love to b book buds!
although ngl i'm jumping back after YRS
i will definitely try and catch up though, this will help me lots!

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YES i’m so glad to hear frm u !! let’s dm soon and we can check in w one another. no worries, i can def help u ease into it since it’s been long — my reading habit isn’t like it used to be, which is why i want this purposeful change for us!

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