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I used to had the particular habit to start talking about a random subject when I was a  at a big amount of people, I remember that I did it because I was bored but now I realize it probably was because I wanted some attention, I was used to play alone and prefer to imagine fantasy worlds in my mind all by myself but I had problems to describe them cause of the weirdness of them so I chose to do random popular drawings like monsters or spaceships in movies, I began to memorize random world facts and history events to talk about whatever the shit my mind would choose to spit that day.

satirically, now days I can't keep a normal conversation, turns out speaking about weird curious facts seems strange to other people, how pity, I still like to try it tho...

(the image was made by bangtanghan on Ig, I felt identified)

bangtanghan on insta (I identify as this now)

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