lame poemsfor a lame boy♡

i wish i could sew him to my side

run my finger on the stitches

scratch at each and every suture

picking at scabs all the time

i know its childish infatuation

ill soon forget about my desire for him

but for now im a simple girl dreaming

for a tall unremarkable boy

a tall unremarkable boy

who rarely talks and who surely must hate me

a tall boy im besotted for

an unremarkable boy i want to scratch

scratch his face, blood blossoming

blossoming like petals of the finest flower

id lick them, savouring the taste, smelling the bouquet 

like a goddamn wine, id save his taste

i confess, my heart aches for him

clawing at the chamber of my ribs

it cries for him

for his beauty, for his disgust

i wish to hold him in my heart

leave him in my body

trap him, wedged between my lungs

membuat dia nafasku

i do not wish him harm

locked in my house forever

is where he should be

so nothing can hurt him

i wish to drag him into the forest

melding him with the trees that surround us

their amber our blood, their sap our spit

connected as one being, for as long as God gives us

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