open for art trades!! ✨

✨ Open for art trades! ✨

im best at humanoids though i can try to do animals! ^^'

some examples and the options that are open:

fullbody example (i will not be doing ref sheets at this time):

flat color headshot:

rendered headshot:

pixel painting headshot:


  • NSFW
  • heavy gore
  • controversial topics
  • anything that implies taboo topics or such
  • mecha or tech (i just cant draw it im sorry 😭)
  • fetishes


if you want to work with me i would like if WIP (work in progress) pictures could be sent periodically so i at least know how far you are and what it will be looking like in case any changes need to be made (like anything wrong or misplaced), i will do the same in return! any requests for changes are completely okay! as long as it stays within the chosen strategy! (headshot flat color, rendered headshot, pixel painting headshot, or flat color fullbody)

DO NOT DM! just comment if you're interested with an image example link and ill get to you! 

(keep note: i will be in california from August 4th to August 14th, and im unable to bring my tablet, so i will have to do any drawing once i get back)

on that note, thank you for reading this far and i hope you're interested! :)

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