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i don't really like spacehey anymore tbh heres why

read capitalist realism: is there no alternative by mark fisher (genius af) to get some context

people (mostly and oddly, gen-zers like myself) clinging to the scene era n sites like this instead ov forming their own personalities n stuf (not saying all of yall are doing that, and it's not an insult), the creepy "return to tradition"ness of the whole myspace revival scene that could lead to kinda reactionary places if unchecked, n etc. are reasons why i haven't been using this lately.

idk it just feels like a circlejerk of nostalgia n toxic positivity furthered by capitalism, which feeds off nostalgia n is inherently against individuality n creativity. 

the idea for spacehey is nice, and i've met good people here, but i've just become disillusioned with it.

i'm still using the site because there are some cool people here, but ye

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Mary but mia

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real its actually dry asf on here and lacks originality. I just joined today ive been tryna make a neocities page but its taking a while bcs i dont know shit, but I was excited ab the blogging aspect and I still am but i just wish it was different yk. But I found u from the adam friedland group lol I thought I would find more people on here but its like the same person over n over i dont rly get it but idk. I read mark fisher last year and it had me shitting my pants so i get that, ugh it sucks I just wish it was different. I rly like text based social media i wish there were people taking it in a different direction rather than like idk yea for merely nostalgic purposes. I guess u dont come on here anymore but If u ever do see this u should hit me up bc I have no friends and u seem cool like we got simialar interests idk but yea sry i sound dumb asf im writing this in a haze rn i havent slept in a bit k bye

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so true, i have nothing against millennial cc that still use the website in order to maintain the essence of early 2000 myspsce scene aesthetic, i actually find it cool that these folk really commit to their subculture, and they values within.

however, as a gen z myself, i find odd to see other gen z to be deeply into the scene (now "scenecore") subculture when most of us were either children or unborn by that time. I understand one can be nostalgic for times you haven't experienced on your own, but the level of homogenization? doubtful.

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so true. new ideas and experiences are limited because people still want to box themselves into a certain "style" or "aesthetic", on a site where trends are pretty much irrelevant. in order to appreciate something, we do not need to copy it 1-1.

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