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How to Appear more Masculine

How to wear hats:
Start by like putting your hair in a low bun
And then like wear a beanie to cover the bun
Or wear a baseball hat backwards, that looks cool too :)

It might cover your hair a little bit And give you that masculine sort of feeling.. However leave some hair in the front of you wear a beanie or hat because yk you don't want to look bald lol

Top clothing:

I wear a baggy t-shirt to look for masculine And sometimes a hoodie if it's not too hot outside. I also put a jacket around my waist sometimes ^^

And then wear like low jeans, converse shoes(or vans) for bottoms.. If you want to wear shorter bottoms, I would wear Jean boy shorts!


I also usually wear like rings and stuff to seem more masculine lol
Maybe that's just my inner lesbian tho
Bracelets also help a little too
I also put in a sports bra to hide my chest so that it looks more masculine.. Binders can also help!

There ya gooo, hope it helped! Kudos for all of you trans masc people! (Or just anyone who wants to look like a man)

Experiment with these looks as you'd like!

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Ryota Mitarai

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Piece of advice for men in general, if you're going for a business look, WEAR A BELT! It might not seem like it adds alot, but in my opinion, it adds a ton, especially in meetings and job interviews, makes you look more professional.

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My Human is quite intrigued by this. [ meow meow :3] thanks for your very well worderd blog. [Meeew] :3

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