Senior Year Anxieties

Aghgsh Hi everyone! Semi vent Ig??

This blog isn't going to be formatted well since my thoughts are all jumbled. I feel very hyper and disoriented right now... <:(...

I recently learned that school for me is starting in JUST A FEW DAYS.. I'm going into my senior year, so I'm really nervous since I feel so unprepared lol. I also got my drivers license recently, so now I have to drive ALL of my siblings to school since my father is too lazy to do it himself -_-. On another note, I guess I'm going to keep talking to people, keep making friends, and keep doing what I like. This blog feels so short but honestly my thoughts feel a bit too jumbled to fully articulate into words :O

I'm not too stressed about senior year, but I also am at the same time? I know there's not much to worry about since I have everything under control, but I'm still very much nervous something can go wrong. So much to do in 10 months!! :P

not sure how to end this blog, I feel so overstimulated rn O_O
xoxo Felix

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Don't stress it you'll b finezz!!

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